Ozone Generator Manufacturers & Exporters

We are a Manufacturer & Worldwide Exporter of Ozone Generators for Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment Solutions and Indoor Air Treatment Solutions.
Ozonators ™ ranging from 2gm/hr - 1kg/hr. For higher capacity we offer multiple series.

Air Treatment Solutions
Indoor Air Quality 
Clean Room Sterilization 
Operation Theatre Fumigation 
Odor Removal, Control

Wastewater Treatment Solutions
Effluent Tertiary Treatment 
Sewage Tertiary Treatment


Water Treatment Solutions
Swimming Pool Ozonation
Drinking Water Disinfection
Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Industry Wise Ozone Based Solutions
Food Industry Paper Industry
Paper Industry Textile Industry
Hospitality Industry Healthcare Industry
IT Park / Corporate Offices Pharma Industry
Wine Industry Leather Industry