Sewage Treatment Plants

Chemtronics Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., manufacturer, exporter and technological solution providing company, was established in Mumbai the commercial capital of India in 2004. Since the establishment of the company, our business has become more and more prosperous and the production lines have extended rapidly. Based on the consideration of future growth, we have moved our production lines to Pune and increased our investment there in setting up a new factory. Only our business department is still located in Mumbai. 50 years of rich experience in advance technology in electronics & aeronautical engineering, is the core of the company.

Introduction of microcontroller base Programmed Logic Controller (PLC) in the water treatment industries reduces the operational complications & provides complete automation. 

STP- ADAO Treatment Technology Benefits: 
• Zero Discharge of Sewage Water.
• Colour free Treated Water.
• No Odour in Treated Water.
• Highly Suitable even if there is uneven supply of sewage.
• No Sewage odour issue even during the treatment process.
• Highly suitable for inconsistent sewage.
• Reduction of BOD & COD.
• Very Low Sludge Production.
• Low Foot Print is Requirement.
• Does not require continuous operation.
• Monitoring of MLSS and SVI is not required.
• Environmentally Safe to treated water to dispose in Land or Water.
• Treated Sewage Water can be reused for gardening, flushing, irrigation, construction and many more non- potable uses.
• Green Sustainable Environment-Friendly Sewage Treatment Plant.

Compact Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Compact Sewage Water Treatment Plant Compact Sewage Water Treatment Plant Manufacturer; these are environment friendly based on Green Building Technology.

Benefits of Compact Sewage Treatment System:

• Zero Discharge of Water.
• Sludge removal to be done once in two years.
• Pre- Engineered & Pre- Fabricated Plants.
• No odour problems.
• No dedicated technical manpower required.
• Green Technology.

Containerised Sewage Treatment Plant

Compact Sewage Water Treatment Plant

We offer environment friendly containerized sewage treatment recycling & reuse plant that are specially designed and manufactured for the treatment of lesser quantity of sewage ranging 10 CMD to 50 CMD. This Containerised Plant can effectively meet the demand of water in remote areas. It can be easily installed and operated and can be shifted to new sites. In various environmental and municipal emergencies this plant is preferred.

Containerised System Benefits:

• Fully Automatic Plants.
• Ideal for remote location.
• Low level of Sludge generation.
• No odor problem from STP.
• Colourless & odourless treated water Quality.
• No dedicated manpower is required.

Tertiary Treatment in Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Water contains varying degrees of COD & BOD which represent organic contamination as well as Color, Odor & bacterial contamination. The degree of treatment required for sewage water depends mainly on discharge requirements or the application of recycled sewage water. Our Advance Oxidation technology results in reduction of the impurities in sewage water.